Depressions and the light at the other end

Yes, I will start the new blog by talking about feeling bad. (Not a lot though. There is light at the end of the tunnel.)

But the truth is that the last months I have been feeling really horrible. A lot of crying, a lot of sleeping during the day and staying up during the night because seeing the light and sunshine made me feel worse, a lot of not doing anything at all, a lot of feeling disappointed in myself and what I do and don’t do. Also a lot of grieving for my grandfather who passed away in december.

But. BUT! I do feel better now. I was so affraid that I would stay in my depression and feared years of it (the last time lasted a couple of years) but I managed to get out of it before it, I guess, got a too tight hold of me. I have managed to send in one of my school asignments (too late but it’s in now), I have managed to draw a bit and I have tried to do a short workout every morning (I feel weak like a little leaf but at least I try).

After reading Sarah Shotts’ Love Letter to Adventure I now also really want to start having small adventures. Not every day but to try and do something new and/or exciting every week, however small it will be. It’s because of this I have added the words “and small adventures” to the top of the blog. So I have some place to write about those adventures. And I highly recommend reading Sarah’s Love Letter. I hope you will find it as inspiring as I did. And if you do you should come join us in the Venturers’ Treehouse. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun together.

I hope to see you there. 🙂