Cats of Visby

So I’ve been thinking about how often I see cats in Visby, though I’m not sure it there are a lot of them or if it’s the same once I see over and over. (One I know I see sometimes because it likes to lay on a bench outside one of the cafés in hopes of being petted by the visitors. He must love tourist season.) Anyway, I’ve also been thinking that it could be nice to try and capture the cats on photo and maybe do some kind of small project with the photos, or just photograph them because it’s nice and who doesn’t love a cute cat picture.

Today when I walked with my camera to photograph some of the ruins (I’ll show you those pictures another day when I haven’t been awake all night) I thought about the cats again and the possibility of taking their photos. And what do I see if not a cat?! Of course I had to take som photos of it and they turned out pretty good and now I feel like maybe it was a signt that my cat-idea is a good idea. I guess we’ll see what happends.

When I got home and looked at the photos I thought that one of them might look quite good in black and white so I tried that. And, wow, was I right! The picture was cute before but now I think it looks really great. Maybe another sign? 🙂

Cats of Visby | Green Dragon Books


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