Earth Hour

So Earth Hour has come and gone for this time. At least here in Sweden. It might not have gotten to you yet.


I cosied up at the kitchen table with my favourite blanket (so cosy!) and a couple of candles (too few. I love candles. I would have lit more if I had more candle holders here) and made two notebooks. One orange and one with orange and white squares. They are very simple and fast to make but I like them and I feel that they would be great to have in the kitchen drawer or in your bag or on your nightstand (where you can write down your dreams or all those great ideas which always seems to appear when it’s time to sleep and you don’t have time for them).


I think I will do more of these because they are fast and fun to make and practical to use. 🙂 I will probably emboss words on some of them too but since the heat pistol (is that what it’s called? I’m not sure. it sounds dangerous) needs electicity I couldn’t use it now. Plus the patterned one looks so nice without anyting else on it. Makes me think of an old kitchen towel or table cloth. 🙂


I also had some fun with a small piece of paper which turned itself into a spiral when it was cut from the rest of the paper. A paper spiral in the light of three candles. How something so simple can look so dramatic and quite artistic.

What did you do during Earth Hour? Or, if it hasn’t reached you yet, what do you plan to do? 🙂


Depressions and the light at the other end

Yes, I will start the new blog by talking about feeling bad. (Not a lot though. There is light at the end of the tunnel.)

But the truth is that the last months I have been feeling really horrible. A lot of crying, a lot of sleeping during the day and staying up during the night because seeing the light and sunshine made me feel worse, a lot of not doing anything at all, a lot of feeling disappointed in myself and what I do and don’t do. Also a lot of grieving for my grandfather who passed away in december.

But. BUT! I do feel better now. I was so affraid that I would stay in my depression and feared years of it (the last time lasted a couple of years) but I managed to get out of it before it, I guess, got a too tight hold of me. I have managed to send in one of my school asignments (too late but it’s in now), I have managed to draw a bit and I have tried to do a short workout every morning (I feel weak like a little leaf but at least I try).

After reading Sarah Shotts’ Love Letter to Adventure I now also really want to start having small adventures. Not every day but to try and do something new and/or exciting every week, however small it will be. It’s because of this I have added the words “and small adventures” to the top of the blog. So I have some place to write about those adventures. And I highly recommend reading Sarah’s Love Letter. I hope you will find it as inspiring as I did. And if you do you should come join us in the Venturers’ Treehouse. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun together.

I hope to see you there. 🙂